Physical results

A lot of physical benefits are provided by our program. Our personalised support is designed to target your needs and reach your goals.

Great for your diet…

Silhouette refinement strengthening and toning are immediate results. Our programs are also designed to help cellulite reduction and weight loss.

…And your shape!

You will notice fast results in your strength and muscle development. Our programs are adopted by professionals athletes, your requirements are ours!

Psychological result

Iron Bodyfit support you in your wellbeing steps.  Our trainers are here to motivate and push you to be best version you can be with a strong mind-set.

  • Gain in self-confidence
  • Feel your body better
  • Push one’s limits
  • Decrease the daily stress
  • Improve your mood
  • Decrease pressure
  • Decrease your anxiety and balance your energy
  • It hurts so good.

We all know it, your well-being depend on your mind-set.

Physiological results

After an Iron Bodyfit session you can ask yourself if a 25 minutes session is enough.  You have to take into consideration the intensity, time spending and the type of session.

After your session, your will feel a lot of physiological benefits on your whole body.

  • Back pain Relief
  • Endurance enhancement
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Urinary incontinence reduction

Endorphin increases during exercise.  Endorphin level depend on the intensity and duration of the session but also on the physical activity.


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