Why invest in a franchise?

Why invest in a franchise?

There are different ways to invest, and opting for a franchise is one of them. Franchising is an entrepreneur who signs an agreement with another company for the right to market specific types of services or products in exchange for direct or indirect financial payment. The world of fitness in general and particularly the EMS or Electro-Myo-Stimulation is a booming market which is worthy of being involved in. We will explain why. 

A booming market  

Franchising is considered the least risky entrepreneurship because it benefits from the brand name and the expertise of the main company. The EMS market was launched in Germany about ten years ago and has recently spread to France and many other European countries. For France in particular, Iron BodyFit has 90 centers in business and plans to open 25 more studios in 2022. The franchise does not consider stopping there and plans to conquer the American market. Forecasts indicate that by 2025, approximately 20% of fitness centers will be entirely dedicated to EMS

A highly profitable business  

The choice of a franchise can be driven by a number of reasons, including:

  • The notoriety and the know-how of the main company: the franchisee applies the formula of the franchisor by applying the standards established by the latter;
  • A commercial assistance from the main company, which decreases the risks;
  • An established agreement on the medium term, allowing the franchisee to anticipate his activities. 

Investing in the EMS business requires that you first be passionate about sports or wellness. As an entrepreneur, the most part of your time will be spent in this activity. The better the field inspires and excites you.  

Investing with Iron BodyFit 

There are several alternatives to choose from when it comes to finding the right company to work with. Iron BodyFit has been invested in the field since 2015 and has a solid network in France and Europe. It has nearly 18,000 active members and more than a hundred centers in operation for 2022. 

By becoming a franchisee, you benefit from this well established potential of several years. The number of new enthusiasts of the discipline is bound to grow due to new needs and new constraints: 

  • Lack of time, 
  • Fitness maintaining, 
  • Stress management, 
  • Weight loss…

The investment in an EMS franchise can be considered more affordable than in a fitness center. While specializing in this field, one opts to invest in a lesser local, as well as in fewer equipments. Actually, a gym requires more equipments and a bigger room in order to offer a wide range of services.  

Discover the details of the franchise with Iron BodyFit, we will be delighted to welcome you and to consider a successful collaboration soon.