My week is full, I book an EMS session

My week is full, I book an EMS session

You are always told that you have to keep a balance between intellectual and physical activities, but you can’t handle it the right way. There is always too much work to do and when the evening comes, you just want to go home and fall asleep in bed. It’s clear that at this rate, you will have a hard time achieving this precious balance. With Electro-myo-stimulation or EMS, you should be able to change your habits and quickly get back into shape. Follow the guide! 

The benefits of an EMS session

For the uninitiated, EMS is a technology that allows for intensive muscle stimulation. The device is placed on the areas to be targeted and within 25 minutes you will feel as if you have done a physical workout for three hours or more. Apart from saving time, the beneficial effects of EMS are numerous: 

  • Muscle strengthening,
  • Allows you to get back in shape, 
  • Helps to lose weight, 
  • Fights against stress,
  • or prepare for a big sporting effort.


These are the main benefits, but based on your own experience, you may get many more.

The right pace for good results 

With all these benefits, you are eager to start electrostimulation. If you’re worried that you don’t have enough time to get started, we have good news for you: a half-hour session is enough. 

You can keep up with two or three sessions per week, and that’s more than enough. Choose the days when you are most willing to do a session. The same goes for the time slots : you choose when you are available. 

There is no best time, morning, evening or between noon and two o’clock. The most important thing is that you are present and committed to the session. However, to get results, you will have to stick to your program. The results will be visible after the first month of the training. 

If you want to lose weight, it is best to follow an appropriate diet and workout program. EMS will be considered an asset to help you achieve this goal.  

Our studios are open to you 

Unfortunately, we only have 24 hours in a day and sometimes it is difficult to balance work, family, personal and social life. It’s all about organization. EMS is a program that will help you be more dynamic and even more relaxed to face the different challenges of life. 

It is possible to purchase equipment to do electrostimulation at home. However, nothing is better than a professional using the correct moves and avoiding incidents. 

The Iron Body Fit team is there to help you with your sessions. Don’t hesitate to ask about the studio nearest you and start a program that will change your everyday life