My week is full, I book an EMS session

How Iron Body Fit helps me in the postpartum period 

Pregnancy changes a woman. Indeed, a little human being has taken up residence in her body for 9 months. Furthermore, after the birth of a baby, it is difficult for mothers to find the time to take care of their bodies. If you have recently had a baby or if someone you know is postpartum, EMS could be of particular interest to you. A very simple solution to reshape the body after childbirth. 

The postpartum body   

Following childbirth, a woman is in turmoil. If all the attention is focused on the newborn, the mother must face new changes in her life rhythm, her state of mind but also her body. The consequences suffered by the postpartum body are numerous and diverse such as: 

  • A perineal stretch: the perineum is a muscle that supports the different internal organs that are the uterus, the vulva and the rectum. At the end of the pregnancy, the perineum is a little more spread out, which can result in urinary leaks. Re-education is prescribed to avoid inconveniences. 


  • Hemorrhoids: This problem should go away after a few weeks. You can apply ice cubes in a compress to the painful area to relieve yourself.   


  • A slack belly: This is a concern for many women after giving birth. EMS can be helpful in resolving this problem, but the most important thing is to give your body a break. When the time comes, you can consider rehab or workouts to reshape your body.  


  • Weight gain: The average new mother gains 10 to 15 kilos during her pregnancy. After giving birth, all you have to do is follow a balanced diet to regain your normal weight, especially if you are breastfeeding. We also suggest that you adopt an appropriate electrostimulation program to help you refine your shape. 

EMS, an effective solution  

Electrostimulation was initially recommended for high-level athletes before and after a competition. The technology has become more and more popular to allow anyone who is concerned about getting back into shape to get results.  

For new mothers, the process of getting into shape does not happen overnight. Don’t rush to the gym to lose those extra pounds. On average, it is recommended that mothers wait 8 weeks after giving birth before returning to physical activity, if the delivery was vaginal. 

Iron Body Fit listens to the needs of moms 

Even though an EMS session lasts less than half an hour, the muscles are very much in demand because the equipment stimulates areas of your body such as the abdominal muscles, thighs and buttocks, and arms. Consult your physician for advice before resuming intense sports activity.  

When you arrive at one of our Iron Body Fit studios, one of our coaches will welcome you to evaluate with you if you are ready to start a postpartum EMS session.